Team Nobody
Animated Action Comedy

Social norms are flipped upside down when three apparent nobodies are forced to become unlikely heroes utilizing the skills of their trades.

Cross Race Effect

Current racial tension is brought to the forefront in this socially conscious short film.

The Chariot

Confused and aspiring actor, Riley Panhandle, turns into an unlikely porn mogul after creating a website which explodes into an internet sensation. As his star model/girlfriend, attains celebrity status and everything that comes with it in the adult industry, Riley struggles to find his way back to his original path.

Suspense Thriller

“Cross your heart, hope you don’t die.” Looking to rebound after a recent breakup, Scott crosses paths with the beautiful Janine. Quickly escalating from casual to serious, things take a turn for the worse as Janine’s motives begin to unfold.


“Reno 911 meets Ghost Hunters.” Failed con-man Wolf Aberdeen recruits a group of life-minded dimwits for one last get rich scheme. He has no clue what awaits him as he attempts to conquer the world of professional ghost hunting.

The Fourth Pendulum

An ancient organization called The Ministry attempts to retrieve the last of 4 ancient pendulums which can open a portal to either the light or darkness. Detective Corbin O’Conner must protects holistic healer, Sedona Cramos, who has inherited the last pendulum which has been in her family of healers for generations.


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